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Specialist care, treatment and support for women during the perimenopause and menopause.


Menopause Specialist

I have been an NHS GP practising in the South West for almost 30 years, with an interest in female health and menopause.  I am on the British Menopause Society Specialist register and am also a member of the International Menopause Society. 


I trained in London, I have worked in women’s health in the UK and also in Australia, and developed a particular interest in menopause medicine.  As a GP Partner in Cheltenham for 12 years I ran a weekly womens' health clinic and most of my work remains in the NHS.  I developed my private clinic in 2017.


I have been involved in trying to establish menopause services locally with health care commissioners, and ran the menopause Clinic at Gloucester Royal Hospital, prior to the Pandemic.

I enjoy teaching and am frequently asked to arrange workshops for medical colleagues, patient groups and work place training, in order to promote menopause awareness and best practice.


I developed my private clinic 6 years ago in response to increasing enquiries for menopausal help outside the NHS.  

There is increasing difficulty accessing GP appointments, with mounting pressures on the service.

I continue to work in the NHS for most of the week, holding my private clinic on a Monday afternoon, at Spa Private Medical, 31 New Barn Lane, GL52 3LB

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Why pay for a private service?

Discussions and advice surrounding menopause should be a common and easily accessible consultation in General Practice. In reality NHS services are under increasing pressure and struggling to cope with demand and time constraints.


I offer 40 minute appointments allowing the time needed for a thorough assessment including a detailed exploration of the picture of symptoms and how they fit together. Consultations are offered face to face in clinic, or remotely by video consultation, or telephone if required for convenience. Review ( or follow up ) appointments are shorter and arranged similarly in person, remotely or by telephone.


Having discovered Dr Darlaston through an online search, it was a relief to finally have a consultation and speak to someone who was knowledgeable, professional, congruent, incredibly patient and kind. After my first consultation I came away feeling listened to, heard, understood and armed with a solution and empowered with more information. Follow up consults have been equally so. Seeing Dr Darlaston has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and I can’t thank her enough – SR 48

When I first met Dr Darlaston I felt desperate to get my menopause problems sorted out and she listened to my needs. She sorted it out quickly and I felt much happier thanks to her. I still see her once a year to keep an eye on my menopause levels etc and do feel really cared for by her. Thank you Dr Darlaston ! – CC 52

I would recommend Dr Darlaston highly to anyone seeking help with menopausal symptoms. I have been in her care for over four years and she has always listened carefully and provided answers to all my questions, however trivial they seemed to me, with compassion and great knowledge. As a result of her care the menopause has been more or less trouble free and I am very grateful to her for this. – RK 56

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