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What to expect in a consultation

First or New Patient Appointments


Suitable for new patients to the clinic who have never been prescribed HRT, OR patients who would like their existing HRT (prescribed elsewhere) reviewed.



  • In clinic face to face appointment.

  • Video consultation by TEAMS 

  • Telephone appointment.


The cost of the consultation is £265.  

These appointments are 40 minutes and the cost includes formulating a report after the consultation.

The consultation includes a detailed and thorough assessment, including your relevant medical and family history and a discussion of your symptoms and how they fit together.  I will cover the Menopause generally, HRT options and the preparation most likely to suit you. This will include answering any questions you may have, the relevance and importance of top-up ( replacement) of oestrogen, the role of progestogen, testosterone and other treatment options.  I will discuss important lifestyle changes in order to enhance your well-being and health at this time.


I can issue a private prescription if required, and will formulate a treatment plan for you.  You will receive a consultation report after your appointment, sent to you by email, which you can copy and hand to your own GP, for your records.  This aims to support you if you wish to continue treatment under the care of your NHS GP. Many of the investigations and prescriptions are available on the NHS, but I cannot directly request these on your behalf.

Review or follow-up Appointments


Suitable for patients who have already had an appointment in this clinic. This could be a 3 month review of a new HRT prescription, a general review requested by you when treatment is established, or a planned annual review.



  • In clinic face to face appointment.

  • Video consultation by TEAMS 

  • Telephone appointment.


The cost of the consultation is £135.  

The clinic appointments are 20 minutes and the cost includes formulation of a report after the consultation.

Everyone responds differently to HRT.  The HRT that I prescribe is generally body identical.  This means biochemically precise duplicates of the oestrogen and progestogen which the body produces itself.  In addition they are mostly plant derived.  

Sometimes people will experience quite a quick response after a week or two. For most, the benefit increases, building slowly over about 3 months, which is why a 3 month review is recommended and a good time for assessment of new treatment.


Your GP may agree to prescribe for you as most products are available through the NHS, however I cannot request this on your behalf. Testosterone, is not licensed for women yet in this country. For this reason your GP may be reluctant to prescribe and monitor it with the necessary blood tests.  In this respect a prescription may have to be continued privately and blood tests afforded on a self-pay basis privately.  Testosterone is appropriate for a small group of women who have had correct Oestrogen replacement and have been appropriately assessed.


You can chose to have further reviews with your own GP if all is going well, or you may prefer to be reviewed by me. At this stage the dose of HRT may need to be modified or the type of HRT reviewed.

If you chose to continue with your own GP, the consultation report emailed to you after each review, will help explain the HRT I have chosen for you.  The consultation cost includes a review consultation report.

Annual review
Annual Review Appointment


You should have an annual review of your HRT whether under the care of your own GP or at the clinic.

This is because your hormone levels change with time and may be influenced by other aspects of your life, other medication and a change in your medical health.


The cost of the consultation is £135.  

These appointments are 20 minutes

Cost of a repeat private prescription when not part of a consultation;  £30


Charge for a letter when not part of a consultation; £30

Private Health Insurance

Menopause consultations are currently not covered by private insurance companies as the Peri-Menopause and Menopause are seen as a naturally occurring condition. 


As a result I am not registered with any private insurance companies and all costs are therefore on a self-pay basis, with payment taken at booking.

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