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The Menopause and HRT

There is now a large amount of literature available on this important area of health which refers to the physical and emotional changes in a woman’s life experienced by the majority of women.


Many women feel a decline in health with symptoms which can be intrusive and which sometimes affect all aspects of life and interpersonal relationships.  There are also “hidden” effects of the Peri/Menopause such as increased cardiovascular risk and reduction in bone density and important decisions to be made about treatment and lifestyle change.


The choices we make for ourselves depend upon the information available and help to access the most suitable options .


If correctly recognised,  this important area of health need can be addressed, leading to opportunities not only for treatment but for optimisation of lifestyle choices for the years ahead.


I have provided a link to the Womens Health Concern ( patient arm of the British Menopause Society) factsheets which are particularly good for quick, reliable evidence based information and I often refer to them in my consultations.

I have listed them here, as well as useful websites, Apps and a few literature suggestions.


Womens Health Concern Factsheets    

The patient arm of the BMS since 2012. WHC provides evidence based information to advise, inform and reassure women about their gynaecological, sexual and post reproductive health.

This includes a wide range of downloadable resources, including factsheets and infographics and a separate menopause section. 


British Menopause Society

The British Menopause Society (BMS) is the specialist authority for menopause and post reproductive health in the UK and has a Menopause specialist register which patients can search on by area.


Menopause Matters

Created by Dr Heather Currie, Gynaecologist and a former chair of the British Menopause Society. This website provides evidence based and current information about the menopause, a forum and a magazine.

Daisy Network

Support for women with premature ovarian failure ( menopause under the age of 40).


The Good Sleep Clinic

For treatment of insomnia with evidence based techniques.


for tracking symptoms and accessing information.


help with sleep disturbance.


help for pelvic floor weakness.


Written by two expert doctors who are breast cancer survivors. Simple explanations of treatments and practical advice on coping with the emotional burden, treatments and relationships after treatment. 


Straightforward, no-nonsense guidance on one of the most vital (and often ignored) women's health and wellbeing issues.

  • Learn how to treat common problems such as stress incontinence, overactive bladder and prolapse 

  • Get back into shape post-pregnancy 

  • Enjoy a healthy sex life at every stage of your life

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